From the archive: (Used) King Zephyr Alto Sax Circa.1953

From the heyday of HNWhite manufacturing, this re-lacquered Zephyr displays one of the softest and most thoughtful sounding Kings I've played so far. Unlike it's upmarket sister the Super 20, the Zephyr has an all brass construction but share some cosmetic similarities such as the iconic '3 point' clothes guard.The instrument came to us fully serviced, the pads look brand new and the mechanics are tight and accurately regulated.Some scratches, light dings and lacquer wear in the usual places, but generally the instrument is in good cosmetic condition.A serious amount of vintage horn for 1,500! if you like the 'King sound' but don't want to spend all your bitcoin on a super 20, this Zephyr is an absolute gem with TONS of mileage in it's current condition.

Price: SOLD

Brand: King

Category: Alto

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