Tenor Saxophones

If you like an instrument that sings, play the saxophone. At its best it's like the human voice.

Selmer Paris Mark VI Tenor Saxophone 75401

Serial number: 75401 Year of construction: 1958 Gold lacquered finish. Selmer Paris Mark VI tenor saxophone with high F sharp. Includes case. 2 year warranty and free maintenance. The Selmer Mark VI (Mark 6) saxophones, the most legendary series among saxophones. The Mark VI has the most complex,...

Yanagisawa T901 Tenor Saxophone 279537

Yanagisawa T901 tenor saxophone. Predecessor of the Yanagisawa T-WO1. A top quality mid-range saxophone. Still in very good condition. Includes case. 2 year warranty and free maintenance.

Conn 16M Tenor Saxophone 861719

Gold lacquered finish. Conn 16M tenor saxophone. The 16M is a 'study' instrument from Conn from the 1960s with a beautiful sound. Serial number: 861719 Includes case. 2 year warranty and free maintenance.

1963 108xxx Selmer Mark VI Tenor Saxophone Closet Queen Nearly Museum Mint Lacquer and Condition! Wow

WOWWWWW Look at this STUNNING 108xxx Serial Number 1963 Original Lacquer Nearly Museum Mint Closet Queen Mark VI Tenor Saxophone! As I have said before this serial number Range of the Early 1960s are some of my all time favorite! There is just something special about the resonance and projection ...

1949 SML Revision D Strasser Marigaux Lemaire Tenor Saxophone Recently Repadded!

Wow! The tone on this SML Tenor is truly monstrous! The sound is quite similar to that of a vintage American Horn with improved ergonomics. Its not every day you have a Beautiful 1949 SML Rev D or Revision D Tenor walk into the shop! This tenor was made by some of the workers of the Selmer Paris ...

Yanagisawa Yani TW010 Elite Tenor Saxophone Handmade in Japan Full Professional Setup!

Check out this beautiful Yanagisawa TW010 Elite Yani Tenor Saxophone that just arrived to our shop for sale! Yanagisawa needs no introduction because they are well known as possibly the highest quality saxophone maker in the world. This TW010 is Yanis top quality product offering in regular brass...

(Used) Yanagisawa TWO1 Tenor Sax

Apart from a little lacquer wear on the octave mech this instrument is in MINT conditionRecently set up by workshop wizard Stephen HowardHaving been purchased new from us only a couple of years ago and maintained meticulously, this is really s good as used instruments get.New price of a TWO1 is 3...

Cannonball Big Bell Stone Series Unlacquered Tenor Saxophone Pre Owned

Check out this Cannonball Unlacquered Big Bell Stone Series Tenor Pre Owned that just arrived to our shop for sale. We have just given it a full setup and it seals from top to bottom. At this low price it will NOT be around for long!

Buescher Aristocrat (Bundy I) Tenor Saxophone 646211

Serial number: 646211 Occasion Buescher Aristocrat tenor saxophone. This is the same model as a Selmer USA Bundy I tenor saxophone. The Bundy I saxophones are good (study) tenor saxophones with a warmer sound than the average modern study saxophone. Still in good state. Gold lacquered finish with...

Conn 10M Lady Face Tenor Saxophone 298564

Serial number: 298564 Year of construction: 1941 Gold lacquered finish. In very good condition for the age of the saxophone. Includes case. 2 year warranty and free maintenance

Yamaha YTS62A Amber Tenor Saxophone

Already a legend, the 62 attained the love and respect of a wide range of players for its highly reliable performance and outstanding quality. It owes its success to a group of dedicated designers with great vision, and highly skilled craftsmen performing their work with an extraordinary level of...

(Used) Yamaha YTS875 Tenor Sax

Predecessor to the EX model, the earlier 875 is coveted by many due to the greater resistance and warmer soundComes with an M1 neckAftermarket heavy mass neck screw (Can be supplied with standard Yamaha one if preferred)Great condition, only some minor cosmetic wear from normal useFully serviced,...

(Used) Conn 30M Tenor Saxophone circa.1937

After a full strip service and a few new pads, this iconic Conn tenor is performing fantastically.There's a fair amount of cosmetic wear in the normal places and some signs of historic repair, but nothing that would cause reason for concern.We have reason to believe that this instrument bears it'...

Inderbinen Tenor Saxophone Handmade in Switzerland like NEW condition! RARE!

Wow!!! Now it is not everyday that we have a gorgeous Inderbinen Tenor Saxophone come into our shop for sale! Look closely at the photos of the stunningly beautiful body tube which is hand made in Switzerland. Look at the stunning reddish copper hues that are popping though on the body tube.

Selmer Paris Series III Tenor Saxophone 586126

Occasion Selmer Paris Series III tenor saxophone Serial number: 586126 Year of construction: 1999 Gold lacquered finish. Includes case. 2 year warranty and free maintenance. The Selmer Series III tenor saxophone is an all-round professional instrument of the highest quality. The Series III is a h...

Conn 10M Lady Face Tenor Saxophone 598564

Conn 10M Lady Face tenor saxophone. Serial number: 598564 Year of construction: 1956 Gold lacquered finish. Includes case. 2 year warranty and free maintenance.

Yamaha 82ZA Tenor Saxophone Amber

Suitable for Professional playersThe evolution of the Yamaha Custom Z continues. Powerful sound and the ability to play fast passages without difficulty, the Z is crafted to meet your highest expectations. They have been re-examined from the neck to the bell and are now equipped with a one-piece ...

(Used) Selmer Balanced Action Tenor 27***

In fantastic playing condition having had a full strip service and a bunch of pads replacedPhysically in very good shape although the lacquer is not original and there is loss of detail to some of the engravingThis horn plays amazingly, with that huge full bodied sound you expect from a Selmer of...

Yamaha YTS 62 III Tenor Sax Professional Saxophone Made in Japan NEW *open box*

Check out this Beautiful New *Open Box* Yamaha YTS 62 III Tenor Sax Professional Saxophone Made in Japan!

122xxx 1965 Selmer Mark VI Tenor Saxophone Original Lacquer STUNNING Wow!

STUNNING is the only word that came to mind when I first saw this 122xxx 1965 Selmer Mark VI Tenor Saxophone! The dark nitrocellulose lacquer is some of the most beautiful I have ever seen, and it is in fantastic condition with only a few areas of some light lacquer loss. (On the tops of a few ke...

New York Signature Series Unlacquered Tenor with Brushed Nickel Keys

Most professional saxophonists you meet will agree that some of the vintage saxophones made by Selmer Martin and Conn from the early 1940's through the 1960's were some of the most magical sounding instruments ever produced. The quality of craftsmanship and general tone quality was something un m...

(Used) Trevor James 'The Horn' Black Lacquer Tenor Sax MINT CONDITION

Mint condition, barely playedAs with all our used instruments it comes with a 7 day approval, 6 month warranty and free service

80xxx 1959 Selmer Mark VI Tenor Saxophone Original Lacquer in Incredible Condition Brecker Serial Number

Oh my gosh This one is truly a once in a lifetime tenor! I can hardly believe what just walked into our shop for sale. It is quite a rarity for us to have a Michael Brecker Serial (between 80xxx and 88xxx) come into our shop on this kind of condition. This is an 80xxx Serial Number 1959 Selmer Ma...

50xxx 1953 Selmer SBA Super Balanced Action Tenor Saxophone American Engraved Relacquered

SBA Tenor Fans Fans! This a truly terrific sounding Selmer SBA Tenor Saxophone 50xxx Serial Number! It has a fantastic wide open sound great intonation and that classic husky thick Selmer Super Balanced Action Tone! This horn is definitely a players horn and not a collectible museum piece and has...

Tenor Saxophone Selmer Series III Kom 801580

Tenor saxophone Selmer Series III, very good condition, gold lacquer with engraving, with original Selmer case, sold on behalf of customers

Keilwerth SX90R Tenor Saxophone in Incredible Condition Gold Lacquered!

Wow scope this one Saxophone Fans! These Days Keilwerth Tenors with Rolled Tone Holes are hard to come by. Check out this Beautiful Keilwerth SX90R Tenor Saxophone that Just came into the shop on consignment Sale! Serial number is 109xxx for placing the year of production to Approximately 1998. T...

Yanagisawa TWO1U Unlacquered Tenor Saxophone

Instrument condition: NewTWO1U - Professional Model. From aspiring beginners to experienced professionals, the TWO1 professional model has gained popularity with its strong tonal core. Key of Bb. Range from low Bb to high F#. All hand engraved. Yanagisawa Professional models are free blowing, wit...

(Used) Yamaha YTS25 Tenor Saxophone

Fantastic condition for it's ageFully overhauled a couple of years ago and played very little sinceAs with all our used instruments it omes with a 7 day approval, 6 month warranty and free service

Chateau 'Chambord' CTS-50 Tenor Sax

A big bell is designed to increase its volume and resonance for the Chambord 50 series.In addition, the beautiful engraved design and a variety of finishes are also characteristics of this series.Features:

Selmer Mark VI Sopranino Saxophone Incredible!

In all my years of saxophone repair and sales I have never seen a completely original Selmer Mark VI Sopranino Saxophone like this Before! All of the details right down to the Case are absolutely stunning! In addition to its great condition it also is a beautiful playing instrument. It has a terr...

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