From the archive: (Used) Selmer Mark VI 205*** Alto Sax

99% Original lacquerFrench engravingFully overhauled, with all the bells and whistles, worth 650No signs of damage or previous repair, only light scratches from careful useBen set this one up a bit lighter than what would be our default 'factory setting' due to the frequency with which we're asked to lighten the action on customer overhauls! This can of course be changed quite easily, but as it stands it has a galaxy smooth, light action.If you're looking for a fresh looking mark VI, expertly set-up with most of it's playing life ahead of it, then look no further!

Price: SOLD

Brand: Selmer

Category: Alto

234 alto, 163 tenor, 58 soprano, and 21 baritone saxophones across 47 brands