From the archive: 133xxx 1966 Selmer Mark VI Tenor Saxophone with gorgeous Original Lacquer American Engraved!

Check out this Absolutely beautiful dark cellulose lacquered Selmer Mark VI Tenor Saxophone has just arrived to our shop! The 133xxx serial number means it was produced in Paris France around 1966. It is American engraved and DOES have the matching serial number on the neck, which is also in fantastic un damaged condition. We have just give the saxophone a full COA which means clean oil and adjust and it now seals perfectly from top to bottom and is gig ready! There are no damages like bent body tube dents or dings and there are NO Bottom Bow Dents! The pads have plenty of life in them and the sound and intonation on this tenor is absolutely spectacular. One thing to note is that a previous owner etched their SSN down by the Thumb hook.

Price: SOLD

Brand: American

Category: Tenor

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