From the archive: 50xxx SBA Selmer Super Balanced Action Tenor Saxophone Factory Relacquer with Silver Plated Keys Gorgeous!

Just check out these photos! This is a truly stunningly beautiful Selmer SBA Super Balanced Action Tenor with 50xxx serial number. This tenor was a Selmer Factory Relacquer but it is one of the greatest jobs we have ever seen. There is little to no buffing that was done! It is extremely difficult to tell that is even a re lacquer job if you look at the engravings and the correct color etc. Everything was truly expertly done with basically no trauma. This Tenor has a wide open and free blowing and vibrant Vintage Selmer SBA sound. The keys on this tenor are silver plated to give this horn a truly unique and cool look! The pads are freshly replaced and it seals top to bottom and has been fully setup in our professional sax shop. No dents or dings and the body tube is nice and straight.

Price: SOLD

Brand: Selmer

Category: Tenor

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