From the archive: Alto Saxophone Selmer Large Bore Gold Plated Com

This Selmer saxophone was built in 1928 and shipped to the USA in 1929 according to the SELMER archives and bears the serial number 10234. It bears one of the company's finest engravings and has almost 100% preserved gold plating which was applied and polished by hand, among other things. It marks the beginning of Selmer's brilliance in saxophone construction technology, which from the 1930s also conquered American orchestras from jazz to classical. The soloists in the famous Paul Whiteman and Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra, among others, were the first to play this model. The sax has been completely reconditioned and plays excellently. The "Large Bore" model is often referred to as the first "modern" Selmer, as it featured a significantly larger bore compared to the earlier models and concomitant design changes, which SELMER made in parallel with the acquisition of the factory from Adolphe Sax in 1928 took place. While the mechanics have become more refined (but also more complicated...) in the years to come, the sound of these models has remained special. They intonate excellently and have a very high expressivity in the sound - it is not for nothing that they have become more and more popular with professional players in recent decades. The instrument can still be played wonderfully in the elegant, lyrical sound of the swing soloists of the 1930s and at the same time bright and radiant for modern genres. It comes in a light used but secure J. Winter case as shown. Sale on behalf.

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