From the archive: Artist Edition New York Signature Baritone Saxophone Low A in Cognac Lacquer Finish

We are extremely excited and proud to release The Artist Edition New York Signature Baritone Saxophones. These saxophones are the culmination of seven years of experimentation and discovery of what makes a saxophone play, perform, and respond as flawlessly as possible. Most professional saxophonists you meet will agree that some of the vintage saxophones made by Selmer Martin and Conn from the early 1940's through the 1960's were some of the most magical sounding instruments ever produced. The quality of craftsmanship and general tone quality was something un matched. Because of this, the market price for a high quality Mark VI saxophones over the years has increased rapidly. The design of and production of The Artist Edition New York Signature Bari is our attempt to answer this problem. Since we first began working on our line of saxophones we wanted to create a competitively priced, ergonomic, modern saxophone with the sound, essence, and vibe of our favorite vintage Selmer horns. Inspired from the best playing early 5 Digit Mark VI Baris that have come through our shop over the years, the parts for our saxophones are produced to our very specific specifications for our shop in the highest quality saxophone factories overseas and then imported. All parts are made with the highest quality S Brass silver brasswhich is a regular bass with a 3% silver in the alloy. The parts are extremely high quality and durable and the silver adds a beautiful resonant zing to the tone.Once the parts arrive at our New York City Based Sax shop each of our professional quality saxophones is hand assembled one by one with with the utmost care and attention to the finest details. During this very time consuming process, many of the very finest details of the saxophone are perfected including hand finishing each tone hole so they are perfectly level and completely deburred of any sharp edges which over time could cut through the pad faces and cause leaks. All of the rods in the saxophone are checked for perfect straightness and run though the keywork one by one to check and correct any and all friction that is present. Because we are also professional saxophonists ourselves we know that friction is the enemy of a great playing and feeling saxophone. Keys are also extremely precision fit between each post so that the keys have no unnecessary lateral or rotational play. This is extremely important if you want to have a saxophone that attains a perfect airtight seal. 15-20 hours of work and the highest quality materials available go into our setups and build process to ensure that our saxophones perform at a level that would impress even the most discerning professional saxophonists. We openly welcome all saxophone players that are searching for a top tier professional quality instrument at a fair price to give these Artist Edition New York Signature Baritones a try! We are confident that the tone, response, intonation, and of course quality of these great saxophones will amaze you.

Price: SOLD

Brand: Artist

Category: Baritone

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