From the archive: Blase Bbs-796R

The BBS-796R is a modern baritone saxophone to low A. Thanks to the very good price/quality ratio, this sax is a perfect instrument if you are starting to play baritone sax or if you are looking for a nicely priced instrument for it. The instrument speaks easily and gives a nice warm sound, thanks to a higher copper content in the material. The modern construction and ergonomic placement of the valves contribute to smooth operation and action. Specifications: - Tuning: Eb - To low A - High F# - Finish: Red copper, lacquered - Incl. suitcase with spacious front pocket and wheels - Also supplied with mouthpiece, ligature and standard accessories All our saxophones are fully checked and tested in our workshop by our own expert staff before sale. BLASE has been a reliable brand in our saxophone collection for many years. BLASE offers both novice and more advanced musicians an excellent saxophone for a pleasant price. The BLASE saxophones are characterized by good responsiveness, rich sound and a modern application. All BLASE saxophones come with a deluxe case or gig bag and a standard 1-year warranty. So whether you are looking for a soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone or even a sopranino saxophone or bass saxophone, with BLASE you are assured of a good and reliable instrument for an affordable price! Of course, our saxophones can be tested in our store without obligation. Our employees are happy to give expert advice when choosing an instrument. If you have any questions about our BLASE saxophones, please feel free to contact our blow department at +31 (0)165-545824 or send an e-mail to

Price: SOLD

Brand: Blase

Category: Baritone

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