From the archive: Borgani Pearl Gold Tenor Saxophone Bs102

Serial Number: BS102 With 'pearl gold' finish. With gold lacquered application. Includes suitcase. 2 year warranty and free maintenance. Borgani on the Pearl Gold tenor sax: This alloy, together with Pearl Silver, embodies all the innovative values and concepts on which the revolutionary project of elaborate sound is based, with the creative accuracy and technical know-how of Borgani Saxophones. Unique and inimitable, the Pearl Gold Saxophone reproduces a powerful sound, powerful and enveloping, thick and grainy, with a tonal balance that makes it immediately recognizable to the ear: uniform and dense in its sound, exciting in the high register. In fact, we are dealing with a sax that can fill us with emotion due to its great roundness and sonorous agility. It has a seamless balance that, even when expressiveness is pushed to its limits, gives the reassurance of knowing it always has an extra reserve of power when called on. The responsiveness is exceptional, even with wide embouchures: the instrument always maintains a balance between air pressure and output, elegantly solving the 'stalling' problems normally present. Specially designed for the jazz musician, it is widely appreciated in other music genres as well.

Price: SOLD

Brand: Borgani

Category: Tenor

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