From the archive: Buescher New Aristocrat

The Buescher New Aristocrat was built in the early 1930s for only a couple of years: a kind of transitional model between their TrueTone and the Aristocrat model. This one was build mid-1933 and has the rare and most wanted number 3 neck.The New Aristocrat came with 3 different neck options. The 1 or 01 neck is the most common neck and identical to the later Aristocrat necks. The **neck and the 3neck are rare and had some slight improvements (measured bore sizes are in description below) . The New Aristocrat model was made famous by Sigurd Rascher, a classical saxophone soloist. He played a gold-plated New Aristocrat with a 3neck, same as on this horn! These saxes are highly sought-after by the followers of Sigurd Rascher, and not many are left This one is an old relacquer (well done!), has gold-plated Norton springs and Snap-in pads, and no modifications or repairs. Very hard to find these days...Condition : In very good playing condition (on older pads), with only light lacquer wear on body and keywork. It was overhauled by its previous owner in the USA The snap-in pads are in good condition, however a new set of pads will bring this horn to its full potential. No evidence of any repairs or serious dents. The neck has one small thing, no damage or pulldown.Warranty : as-is condition : no warranty.Level : professional (for classical music).Body : Lacquer : old relacquer (well done).Condition : very good.Visual : normal wear and tear.Repairs : none.Engraving : well visible New Aristocrat engraving, not buffed.Keywork : Lacquered, relacquer.Condition : very good, with normal wear and tear.Pads : older Snap-in pads, in good condition.Neck : Lacquered, relacquer.Neck info : Neck number 3. Bore : 12.10 / 22.85mm. Condition : Very good, one tiny thing and some lacquer wear.Case : original black Buescher vintage case.Case condition : very good, with light wear and tear. Both handles are good. Fully functional, with Buescher logo.History : From professional player in Madison, Ohio, USA. He was the second owner of this horn.Remarks : Including the original end plug and original mouthpiece, complete with ligature and cap. The 3 neck has a slight bigger bore and no reinforcement brace, compared to the standard 1neck. Price : 1195 euros

Price: SOLD

Brand: Buescher - USA

Category: Alto

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