From the archive: Buffet Crampon 400 Baritone Saxophone 20390

Serial Number: 20390 Buffet Crampon 400 baritone saxophone. Demo model, in very good condition. Includes suitcase. 2 year warranty and free maintenance. The Buffet Crampon 400 series semi-professional baritone saxophone. A good quality sax, with a good tuning and a nice sound. Manufactured in a factory in Taiwan that manufactures various renowned brands of instruments. The 400 series is a surprisingly good baritone sax in a fairly affordable price range. Including good case on wheels and mouthpiece. Buffet Crampon on the 400 series: The 400 series is designed for the advanced student by the professional saxophonist. The saxophones are carefully hand engraved and assembled for the highest level of quality and craftsmanship. With keywork to high F# and exceptional response in the upper and lower registers, the 400 Series saxophones offer an even response and intonation.

Price: SOLD

Brand: Buffet Crampon

Category: Baritone

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