From the archive: Cannonball Mad Meg

. This type is the unpainted version of the Big Bell Global series, the top model of Cannonball. Cannonball is an American company that has its instruments built in Taiwan, just like Mauriat for example. There is already a very long building tradition there and those top lines are more than ok. In its search for sound, Cannonball has been inspired by the major American brands and has a beautiful dark and wide sound. The application (valve system) and the way it feels is modern, the looks and sound are vintage. The instrument has rarely been played and in new condition disappeared in the case 20 years ago and has never been taken out. I made it completely closed and did nothing else: it plays like the fire brigade and the pads are like new. It would be good for the instrument to take it apart and replace all the cork at the same time: everything is still there, but the glue behind the cork is of course no longer fantastic. In the not-too-distant future there will undoubtedly be a cork coming loose here and there. The instrument costs 1400 or 1700 after major maintenance (dismantling, new oil, new cork, pads in the leather grease, play-free assembly, re-closing and optimally adjusted)

Price: SOLD

Brand: Cannonball

Category: Tenor

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