From the archive: Conn 10M Ladyface

This is one of the first 10M model tenors made by Conn during the 1930s. The serial number dates it to January 1936 according to the serial list found on Its completely identical to the real 10M model, the only difference is the missing 10M stamp near the serial number. This is the most sought-after (pre-war) type with all features of the 10M, like extra G sharp trill key, forked E key and rolled tone holes. The Ladyface engraving is rather thin, as often seen during this serial range. Im not sure about the lacquer, it might be original or very old relacquer It's a terrific horn to play, very free blowing! Lots of power, fast ergonomic keywork and a full sound, as can be expected from these horns! This model was played by lots of famous musicians, like Dexter Gordon.Condition : The sax was completely overhauled in 2020 by Meridian Winds in the US in 2020 and is technically in new condition. The bow section was seems to be removed then to perform dent repair on the bow, as theres evidence on resoldering (lacquer wear / darkened). But a truly professional job done here, with absolutely no influence on playability or sound! This horn has no dents. All original cellulose rollers are intact, and all locking screws are present. The right hand thumb hook was replaced by a modern plastic adjustable Selmer-style one for more comfort.The original neck is in great shape, with no evidence od pulldown or damage. It has the T-cup octave pip and fits perfectly.Warranty : as-is condition : no warranty.Level : professional.Body : Lacquer : original lacquer or old relacquer.Condition : excellent, with lacquer wear.Visual : dent repair on bow section.Repairs : dent repair and resoldering on bow , very well done.Engraving : Ladyface engraving.Keywork : lacquered.Condition : very good, with lacquer wear.Pads : new.Neck : Lacquered.Condition : excellent.Features : Rolled tone holes , forked E, extra G sharp trill key.Case : Kases contoured case, black.Case condition : new.History : The sax was overhauled and sold by Meridian Winds in Haslett, Michigan, US.Remarks : This early 10M is fully identical to the real 10M model, theres just no 10M stamp near the serial number...... Price : 2495 euro

Price: SOLD

Brand: Conn

Category: Tenor

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