From the archive: Conn 16M

1957 The photos are from just after the revision, roughly 4 years ago. After that it was sold but it has not been played much. It has been a bit damp. The unpainted brass is a bit worn and there are also some of those green copper oxide spots on the body. You may find that ugly, but I do find it charming. Technically the horn is in perfect condition and the pads have hardly any moisture spots. It has just had an extensive service so it closes perfectly and runs very smoothly. These former 16 M tenors were built as a middle class, but far exceed that level. You get a super solid built instrument for a modest price. The sound of these instruments, and this one in particular, is nowhere to be found in this price range: full and wide, a lot of volume, a lot of warmth but also clear if you want. Conn's intonation is always good and this instrument is no exception. A very favorably priced topper!

Price: SOLD

Brand: Conn

Category: Tenor

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