From the archive: Conn New Wonder Series I - Finish 1

A very rare version of the New Wonder model is this Finish 1-version (Silver & Gold) : body heavily silver plated, sand blast velvet finish, bell richly engraved, pearl finger tips, pearl rollers. Inside of bell, engraving background, keys and ferrules gold-plated and burnished. This is one of the last New Wonder Series I horns: a couple of months later the Series II (also called ChuBerry) was introduced (nearly the same horn: the only difference was the characteristic nail-file G# key).These New Wonder horns are known for their typical Conn sound: warm and full with a bit of edge. Pure vintage hand-made quality: a modern horn has a completely different sound.Condition : Museum quality horn and a tur collectors in almost mint condition. Ive never seen a Conn new Wonder with Finish 1 in this condition! The silver plated body has no dents, damage, wear or repairs. The gold-plated engraving looks beautiful: no wear! The gold-plated keywork is in great condition, with only minor wear on the LH G# key.A full maintenance check was performed in Feb 2022, including complete cleaning, polishing and adjustment. The pads (with flat metal resonators) are all good. The neck has no damage and fits perfectly, with fully functional microtuner and no pulldown. This horn is both optical and technical in almost new condition!Warranty : as-is condition : no warranty.Level : Professional vintage saxophone.Body : Frosted silver-plated body, with gold-plated engraving.Condition : almost mint.Visual : minor scratches only.Repairs : none.Engraving : beautiful gold-plated engraving, in mint condition.Keywork : gold plated keywork.Condition : Almost mint, minor wear on LH G# key only.Pads : very good pads with flat metal resonators.Neck : Frosted silver plated neck with gold plated octave key.Condition : no pulldown, microtuner fully functional, minor scratches.Features : Rolled tone holes / microtuner.Case : Vintage Buescher black leather case, with new Yamaha keylocks.Case condition : very good, with light wear and tear. Fully functional.History : From saxophone collector in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.Remarks : Perfect beautiful and very rare jazz horn for the advanced player!

Price: SOLD

Brand: Conn

Category: Alto

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