From the archive: Conn New Wonder Series II (Chuberry)

Lots of the New Wonder Series 2 (aka ChuBerry) altos were made between 1924 and 1930, when Conn started changing the design of the alto and the Transitional models were introduced. Its rather easy to find one through the online platforms, but most of them are in very worn condition and with lots of damage. Finding a beauty such as this one is very hard..This ChuBerry alto was build mid 1926 and is one of the first ones with minor new introductions on the keywork. The first changes were the 6M-style octave key and palm keys: the sculptured F side key was changed later. Condition : an absolute beauty, without silver wear or damage. The only thing I noticed is a resoldered bell-to-body brace and a resoldered post on the neck. No dents, no damage: almost mint condition. The gold wash bell and the bell engraving are just amazing! This horn has the original neck, with fully functional microtuner. The neck has a couple of small pings only, no pulldown. All locking screws are present.The horn was overhauled in August 2022: because of the good condition the pads were not replaced. They were threatened with pad oil and will last for some years more. Included in the overhaul : remove of all keywork, remove old oil and grease, install new cork and teflon on keywork, polish all rods, silver polish on body and keywork, new oil, keywork aligned, microtuner overhaul, new neck cork and complete adjustment after assembly.The horn comes with the original black leather vintage case, with Conn logo. The case is in good condition: one corner has a loose connection and needs some attention. Fully usable! The original end plug is included as well.Warranty : As is: no warranty.Level : professional.Body : Lacquer : silver plated. Goldwash bell.Condition : mint.Visual : no issues.Repairs : bell-body brace resoldered.Engraving : sharp and beautiful engraving.Keywork : silver plated.Condition : mint.Pads : In good condition: replacement not required.Neck : silver plated , with microtuner. Condition : one post resoldered, minor pings on neck. No pulldown.Features : Rolled tone holes, microtuner.Case : original black Conn caseCase condition : very good.History : From first owner in Fresno, CA, USA.

Price: SOLD

Brand: Conn

Category: Alto

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