From the archive: Conn Usa

1957 This is one of the very first Conn USA (aka Shooting Star or Director). A beautiful serial number. Conn started building this next to the 6M (Lady Face) from 1957 as a slightly cheaper model. The first approximately 20,000 have a different appearance (guards, octave key, lacquer) from the rest of the series and the serial numbers do not fit in the Conn count. I think this series was assembled at Vito Kenosha. The bore remains the same in the later series. This small series is actually far too well built for the price that had to be paid, but the big money was made from the enormous quantities that were built later. There is virtually no paint on this horn and it has developed a beautiful vintage patina by now. Sometimes you have instruments that are much better in sound than their peers and this is such a fluke. This is one with everything you want: full and warm, enough bite, a lot of volume. No matter how hard you play, it never gets sharp. The intonation is a breeze. It has of course been fully restored and will last another 50 years, built indestructibly as it is. What a nice horn!

Price: SOLD

Brand: Conn

Category: Alto

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