From the archive: Ishimori Wood Stone Tenor Saxophone &QuotNew VIntage&Quot V-Vl Model / With High F# Key

The Ishimori 'New Vintage' saxophone is the culmination of years of dedicated hands-on research and design, along with the input of the Ishimori family's unique and intimate knowledge of the great vintage saxophones of the past. The conception and intent of every single detail of these instruments have been taken into careful consideration with the help of Japan's greatest saxophone technicians and the direct consultation of some of the world's top-performing saxophonists.It is readily apparent that these instruments represent a passion project for Ishimori and one that they are, and should be, proud of. These horns clearly show the work of artisanal craftsman who are aware of the subtleties of vibration, weight and material choices and how all these factors will affect the timbre and response of a saxophone. The 'New Vintage' saxophones are incredibly responsive and remarkably even across the full register of the horn. As impressively, the keyword truly captures the 'vintage' handling. You will have to try one to feel and hear the difference, you will not be disappointed.

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Category: Tenor

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