From the archive: Jupiter Jbs-1100

The JBS1100 baritone saxophone sounds full and fat in all registers. The special features of this model, the solid workmanship and the numerous adjustment options for the mechanism will be especially appreciated by professional musicians. Its pitch range goes down to the low A. Thanks to the adjustable (and removable) floor support, the JBS1100 can be played for a long time without fatigue. This perfectly finished saxophone has a unique sound character - and its design is pure luxury. • Mood: Eb •“Sona Pur” neck: brass, gold lacquer with protective ring •Corpus: brass, gold lacquer •Mechanism: brass, gold lacquer •High Fist Valve •Low A-valve •C#/Bb valve lever •Adjustable metal thumb hook •Adjustable stop felts •Blue steel springs •Adjustable side flaps (palm keys) •Adjustable Gis and B Keys •PSONI pads with metal resonators • Body octave valve adjustment screw (rocker) •Phosphorbronze leaf springs •Engraving on the cup •Removable support pin •Mouthpiece with ligature and cap, accessories •JUPITER JPKC73B Deluxe Wheeled Case •Accessories Of course, our saxophones can be tested in our store without obligation. Our employees are happy to give you expert advice when selecting an instrument.

Price: SOLD

Brand: Jupiter

Category: Baritone

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