From the archive: Keilwerth New King

1958 This New King series by Keilwerth is highly underrated, both for altos and tenors. They are very well put together (Deutsche Grndlichkeit yes) and they sound really great. Big and full, a direct sound with a lot of projection and a lot of volume. Also handy: they have large tone holes and therefore the valves only have to open a short distance. That provides speed. Provided you practice enough of course. The intonation is also fine. In short, a hassle-free, super easy-to-play instrument. In terms of price a quarter of a Selmer Mark VI, equivalent in terms of sound. Only drawback: the plastic keyguard, a novelty in the late fifties. Plastic becomes brittle after so many years and then it breaks if you tighten the mounting screws too hard. It has also been snapped on exactly these points. Well glued again, but it has not become more beautiful. For 50 I will build a custom gate as a replacement or as a reserve. Furthermore, just like the Keilwerth SX90R (and eg Conn until just after WWII), they have folded edges. Fat horn! Have a peek at Robin Verheyen, Belgian top saxophonist with also a horn, you hear what I mean.

Price: SOLD

Brand: Keilwerth

Category: Tenor

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