From the archive: King'S Brand Musicals (Santoni)

General description : Theres hardly any information available online on this brand. It has NOTHING to do with King, but this is most likely an Italian stencil sax produced in the 1970s. Probably made by Santoni, but its also possible Grassi produced this horn. Nobody knows for sure. The only info I could find is : The Afredo Santoni company of Par, Como, was founded around 1948-9. In the beginning they started with 3 workers only and developed to be a company in 1970 with a workforce of 70 workers and a production of 1200 musical instruments per month (!). They produced saxophones, flutes and clarinets. They were among the first musical instruments factories to have machines operated automatically to make complex and precise operations. Most instruments were marked Giglio or A.Santoni, but they produced lots of stencils horns as well. Most of the production was for companies which commissioned instruments under their own private label such as Mogar, Evette, Boosie & Hawkes and many others. The company closed, due to increasing financial difficulties which ended up in receivership , in 1976. Condition : Nickel plated, and in very good condition, without dents or repairs. The horn is a rather standard tenor, without high F# or other extras. It was owned by a Dutch brass band. The neck has the S logo (very much like a Selmer) on a green background but is definitely NOT a Selmer neck! It has a microphone receiver, so somebody played this horn in a band. These horns are nothing special but they are built like a tank and will last forever. The pads are in very good condition and the sax plays and tunes rather well. This would be a perfect horn as a backup.The original case is still in good usable condition. It shows some wear and tear on the inside.Warranty : As-is ; no warranty.Level : Beginner/student.Body : nickel platedCondition : very good.Visual : A couple of small things only.Repairs : None.Engraving : No engraving, logo on bell only.Keywork : nickel plated.Condition : Very good. Pads : Very good condition.Neck : nickel platedCondition : Original neck, in good condition. No pulldown, with Microphone receiver.Features : No extra features.Case : Original case.Case condition : Good usable condition, with inside wear and tear.History : From Dutch brassband.

Price: SOLD

Brand: King

Category: Tenor

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