From the archive: King Super 20

1947 This King Super 20 is from the first series. Original paint, full pearls and a hell of a sound. Big, rough, clear and direct: you can feel the body vibrating under your fingers. The intonation is fine. There are not many left of this first series in original condition. Of the later series, hardly any more of this one. This one is in very good condition. A few solderings were once renewed, but the body is flawless and tight. The neck is the same: there is a half saw cut in the double socket, not all the way through, but the neck is pristine, not bent or damaged. Maybe stood still on a stand for so long that the neck didn't want to come loose? That might fit the image of this instrument a bit: 75 years old but played much fewer years: it can last for a long time. A delicious horn with boundless volume!

Price: SOLD

Brand: King

Category: Tenor

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