From the archive: King Zephyr - Series 3

Absolute museum/mint horn! This type of Zephyr is also known as the 'poor man's Super 20' . According to the experts the Serie 3 Zephyrs are almost identical to a Super 20, without the fancy engraving and some other extras. Same body, same bore, almost identical keywork...... It features the double socket neck, the 3-strap ringhook and the rounded keywork. Lot of info available on the internet on these horns..... This is a true professional vintage horn without a doubt. What a fantastic sound! Perfect for lead and jazz. It's a fast horn also: it plays like a dream.The sax belonged to a professional lead/soloist player in the USA, who took great care of this beauty. It comes with the original mouthpiece and the original end plug.Delivery including an almost new SKB case for optimal protection.Condition : This must be a treasure because of the original and mint condition...... The original lacquer is in perfect condition on the body and the keywork. The serial number is also present on the neck and on one of the keys, so all original. No damage, repairs, or scratches on this horn! Only some extremely light wear on a couple of the touch points on the keywork. The neck receiver is perfectly round and fits tight. What a nice engraving! Pads are in good condition and are still the original pads! Judge for yourself and have a close look at the pictures. Warranty : as-is condition : no warranty.Level : professional.Body : Lacquer : original lacquer.Condition : Almost mint condition.Visual : One removed dent on bow section.Repairs : none.Engraving : crisp sharp Zephyr engraving.Keywork : Lacquer : original lacquer. Condition : Almost mint. Light wear on a couple of touch points.Pads : Original pads, in fair to good condition.Neck : Lacquer : original lacquer.Condition : Almost mint condition. Double socket, no pulldown.Case : black Protec case.Case condition : very good.History : from professional player in USA: no further info available.Remarks : Museum condition: extremely rare!

Price: SOLD

Brand: King - USA

Category: Alto

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