From the archive: King Zephyr

1955 This is a Zephyr from my birth year. It has been unused on a stand at a Kennis for 25 years for decoration. It was unplayable, with the original pads still in it, the neck buckled and bent back injudiciously. However, the body is undamaged. The paint, if present, is original and has a red glow. I bought it and it took me 2 years to find the time and the courage to start. It has now been completely restored, no slack, it runs smoothly, the neck is back to its original shape and it has top pads with metal resonators. And then comes the moment of truth: does it sound and intonation? I had no idea beforehand. Now it is: it has become a beautiful saxophone. It sounds full and clear, has a nice edge to the sound. The intonation, which I feared beforehand, has become super good. It's a wonderfully successful project, looks beautiful (I think!)

Price: SOLD

Brand: King

Category: Tenor

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