From the archive: King Zephyr

1939 This is a pre-war King Zephyr. The art deco model with the beautiful angled shapes in the mechanism and the beautiful art deco engraving. This one also has a solid silver neck, making it actually a Zephyr Special without the extra mother-of-pearl frills and the engravings on the lowest keys. The lacquer was chemically removed a long time ago, so that the instrument has developed a beautiful green patina over the years. I overhauled it a few years ago and just traded it in again for a Selmer Mark VI, which was traded in for a King Super 20. That's funny. This King has a great sound, big, clear with a nice edge to it, voluminous. Voicing is no problem at all on this instrument. Beautiful horn!

Price: SOLD

Brand: King

Category: Tenor

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