From the archive: King Zephyr Special

1937 This is one of the first Specials built. Production started in 1937 at serial number 209.000, which is 209.117. The numbering continues with altos, tenors etc. and with Zephyrs and Zephyr Specials. I'm guessing max 1 in 10 was a Zephyr Special. It is the predecessor of the King Super 20, and the body of the first series Super 20 is the same as that of the Zephyr Special. This one belonged to Jesse Davis for a while and the set up is just the way he likes it: nice and open. It has the typical clear King sound with a lot of bite and a lot of volume. This makes this instrument extremely suitable for lead alto in ensembles, in rock, pop, blues or jazz music. I wouldn't use it in a classical orchestra. Have a look at the Youtube video below and be amazed: Jesse traded this instrument in again because he couldn't handle it so quickly. huh!

Price: SOLD

Brand: King

Category: Alto

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