From the archive: New York Signature Custom Cognac Alto Saxophone W/ Brushed Nickel Keywork

Most professional saxophonists you meet will agree that some of the vintage saxophones made by Selmer Martin and Conn from the early 1940's through the 1960's were some of the most magical sounding instruments ever produced. The quality of craftsmanship and general tone quality was something un matched. Because of this, the market price for a high quality Mark VI over the years has increased rapidly. The design of and production of JL Woodwinds custom line is our attempt to answer this problem. Since we first began working on our line of saxophones we wanted to create a very well priced, ergonomic, modern saxophone with the sound and essence of our favorite vintage horns. The parts are produced for our shop in saxophone factories overseas and then imported. Then each of our pro line saxophones is hand assembled by us in our NYC sax shop. Many hours of work and the highest quality materials available go into our setups to ensure that our saxophones perform at a level that would impress most professional saxophonists.

Price: SOLD

Brand: York

Category: Alto

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