From the archive: Pan American 54M

This old baritone saxophone was made in 1929 by Conn. There is a deep, fat sound in this baritone sax. A characteristic sound for an American sax! We have taken good care of this oldie and completely overhauled it. The baritone saxophone is equipped with black pads with metal resonators. The instrument has a range from low Bb to high Eb. As you can see in the photos, this sax has already been used well, but thanks to the revision it can certainly last for many more years! - Mood: Eb - Brand: Pan American - Created by: Conn (USA) - Serial number: 38001 - Year of construction: 1929 - Range: low Bb to high Eb - Condition: revised All second-hand instruments are professionally checked before sale and, if necessary, completely overhauled in our own workshop. Checking saxophones means that the keys are adjusted, the shafts oiled, the pads cleaned and that the instrument is played all the way through. In case of overhaul, the saxophone is completely disassembled and rebuilt, with new pads and corks. That is why we offer a standard 1 year warranty and 1 year free service and maintenance on our used saxophones, just like on our new saxophones. With an occasion saxophone from Van Gorp you know for sure that you are in the right place! Of course, our occasion saxophones can be tested in our store without obligation. Our employees are happy to give you expert advice when selecting an instrument.

Price: SOLD

Brand: Pan American

Category: Baritone

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