From the archive: Selmer Balanced Action BA Tenor Saxophone 27xxx in Beautiful Condition with Amazing Tone!

Wow!!! Saxophone fans out there will really appreciate the fact that these Beautiful Balanced Action Tenor Saxophones are getting harder and harder to find. The tone of a BA tenor is virtually un paralleled in its richness and fluffiness. Absolutely stunningly beautiful lake scene engraving with palm tree and sail boat on the face of the bell. The engravings are still crispy and deep despite the fact that I believe this tenor to have been gently re lacquered many years ago in its past. The serial number of 27xxx places its year of production to approximately 1938 in Selmer Paris. The Intonation tone and projection of this tenor is incredible. Please feel free to ask any and all questions!

Price: SOLD

Brand: Selmer

Category: Tenor

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