From the archive: Selmer Sa80 II N. 416420

This Selmer model, the SA80 II, is everyone's friend and suitable for all styles of music. But with the characteristic sultry, warm "singing" Selmer sound. For the individualist or in an orchestra. Play together or solo. This saxophone is truly at home in all markets. Because of its sound and ease of playing, it is widely used by conservatory students and professional musicians. There is a good chance that your saxophone teacher or teacher will also blow on it. Naturally including a 2 year warranty and 2 maintenance services are included in the price. We usually have several copies of this successful and highly sought-after model in stock so that you can also compare and you can make your choice. /Our full service price for this engraving saxophone with serial number N. 416420 is:

Price: SOLD

Brand: Selmer

Category: Alto

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