From the archive: Selmer Sa80 II N. 522823

With the SA80 and SA80 II series, Selmer still has a success number in their range with a large number of enthusiasts worldwide. This solidly built professional instrument for demanding amateur or professional musician is suitable for all styles of music. Compared to the SA80, the Selmer SA80 II has , the patented spring system, intended to prevent play and rattles in the application. The characteristic full, warm Selmer sound is a joy to experience; The pleasant application makes the saxophone suitable for small and large hands. This model saxophone is handmade in the Selmer factory in France and has a ribbed construction. With a 2-year warranty and 2 maintenance services within the warranty period, you are assured of trouble-free enjoyment of this fine type Selmer instrument, which has been in production for about 40 years. Price for this example with serial number N 522823 is:

Price: SOLD

Brand: Selmer

Category: Tenor

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