From the archive: Sml Gold Medal (Mk2)

General description : SML made high-quality saxophones and they are still sought after. The Gold Medal is their top-of-the-line model and a true competitor to the Selmer MK6. Heres some info found online : At approximately s/n 202xx, the Gold Medal horns were different from the first batch in one significant way: they were ONLY available with straight tone holes. This model was available until SML stopped saxophone production in 1981 or so -- around serial number 27xxx. At about 26xxx the engraving changed on these horns and no longer featured "Gold Medal".This seems to be correct: this horn still has Gold Medal engraved on the bell but has no rolled tone holes. The key adjustment screws on the MK2 models are there but have no function.This is the nickel plated version: this was a customer option during this time.These horns are hidden gems and sought after, as they can compete with any Selmer MK6.Condition : Overhauled by previous owner in 2018 and had an additional full maintenance check in December 2022. It was hardly played after the overhaul: the pads (with plastic resonators) are in new condition! The sax has no repairs or dents, only one or two tiny dings. The nickel plating has light wear only on the usual points. The original neck is in great condition, without dents or pulldown. Almost all springs are the original gold-plated springs. The original end plug is included as well.Warranty : as-is condition : no warranty.Level : professional.Body : Nickel plated.Condition : Very good condition.Visual : One or two minor dings only.Repairs : None.Engraving : SML engraving on bell and partly on bow section, with Gold Medal indication.Keywork : Nickel plated keywork.Condition : Normal plating wear on some touch points.Pads : New condition.Neck : Original neck, with SML logo.Condition : No damage, no pulldown. Only minor nickel wear.Case : Modern brown case (not original).Case condition : very good condition. Only minor wear. Fully functional.History : From Dutch orchestra (first owner).

Price: SOLD

Brand: SML

Category: Tenor

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