From the archive: Trevor James Signature Custom Raw Alto Saxophone T8411

Trevor James Signature Custom raw alto saxophone. Serial number: T8411 In raw / vintage version. Includes case. 2 year warranty and free maintenance. The Custom Signature is a professional saxophone from Trevor James, made in Taiwan. Nice quality, very nicely finished and nice unpolished sound. The Signature Custom professional saxophones are built with all the extras and attention that can be expected from saxophones at this level. The design, build and set-up all take place in the pro-sax workshop at the Lenham (UK) factory. These instruments have a big sound with a fully hand finished neck and tone holes. Double connections on the low C and C# valves. The 'Raw XS' saxophone gets a special polishing treatment on the body and the keys which results in a completely different sound and a more centered (jazzy) sound. Comes complete with a neat case, mouthpiece, reeds, swab, cork grease and neck strap.

Price: SOLD

Brand: Trevor James

Category: Alto

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