From the archive: Yamaha YAS-275 Black Edition

This "made in Japan" Yamaha YAS-275 is not only beautiful but also plays wonderfully. Like all other YAS-275 models, it is super suitable for taking the first steps in the saxophone field, but you will also enjoy it for a long time afterwards. The Black Edition is made in a very limited edition and a real collector's item. The investment is therefore well worth the effort. This copy can hardly be distinguished from a new one. That is why a 2 year warranty and 2 maintenance visits within the warranty period are included. Important features are: Easy blowing ("free blowing") Good intonation Pleasant application (the keys are in a logical place for your fingers) Durable Light weight, which makes it also suitable for children Stable adjustments Maintenance-friendlyValuable All Yamahas from the YAS-2 series (such as the 21, 23, 25, 275 and 280) have the above properties and are therefore very popular with saxophone teachers . 99 out of 100 teachers will advise their student to purchase such a saxophone. The YAS-21 was the first model produced in this successful series (almost 60 years ago....) and the YAS-280 is currently the latest copy. By purchasing (later or immediately at the start) of a professional mouthpiece, such as from Selmer or Vandoren, you can considerably upgrade the sound of this entry-level model! The YAS-21 and YAS-23 models do not have a separate key for the high F sharp to play, from the YAS-25 and the models after that is the case. What do you get: suitcase cleaning set mouthpiece Yamaha 4C with ligature and cover cap2 Vandoren straws in strength according to your choice neck strap cork grease We only have 1 pair of this "Black Edition" in stock. But because the stock fluctuates quickly, please inquire whether the saxophone is still available. We usually have various Yamaha saxophones from the "2" series in stock, both new and used. The price of this beautiful "Black Edition" is: PLEASE NOTE OP, this saxophone is reserved!

Price: SOLD

Brand: Yamaha

Category: Alto

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