From the archive: Yamaha YAS-32

This Yamaha YAS-32 occasion is designed for the more advanced musician and falls into the 'intermediate' class. For many advanced saxophonists, a saxophone from the YAS-3 (succeeded by the YAS-4 series) is the best choice. The properties and (warmer) sound are more similar to the saxophones from the professional 6 series (such as the YAS-62) than to those of the 2 series. Important properties are: Easy blowing ("free blowing") Good intonation Pleasant application (the keys are in a logical place for your fingers) DurableStable adjustments Easy to maintain Value-added Warmer full sound than the Yamahas from the 2 seriesVery good price/quality ratioAll Yamahas from the YAS-3 and YAS-4 series (such as the 32, 475 and 480) have the above properties and are therefore very popular with advanced saxophonists who have outgrown the beginner phase. (Yamaha has renamed the 3-series to 4-series during the production process). The YAS-32 was the first produced model in this successful series and the YAS-480 is currently the latest example. All the models mentioned have a key for the high F sharp, regardless of the age of the instrument. What you get: trunk cleaning set cork grease 24 months warranty and 2 more free maintenance within the warranty period are included. We try to have 1 or more copies of this popular Yamaha model in stock. So always inquire about current availability. The price shown for a Yamaha YAS-32 is our average current retail price. Depending on appearance and technical condition, we may have copies available with a higher or lower retail price. TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT Average selling price:

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