From the archive: Yamaha YAS-875EX 05 Alto Saxophone E29916

Serial number: E29916 In gold lacquered finish. Still in very good condition! The Yamaha YAS-875EX 05 alto sax is a top quality, professional instrument at the highest level. An enormous power! very direct, very flexible, great tuning and a perfect application. This instrument closes perfectly, is indestructible and has low maintenance costs. Two-year manufacturer's warranty. The YAS-875EX is also available in a silver-plated finish. Includes case. 2 year warranty and free maintenance. Yamaha on the YAS-875EX: The new Yamaha YAS-875EX Custom EX alto saxophone marks a huge step forward for saxophone design. Offering players a wealth of new musical possibilities, the new Custom EX has been designed in collaboration with some of the world's most talented saxophonists, including Nobuya Sugawa, Jean-Yves Fourmeau and Otis Murphy. Their valuable input has enabled Yamaha to create an instrument that sounds great, is comfortable to play and constantly evolves with the player.

Price: SOLD

Brand: Yamaha

Category: Alto

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