From the archive: Yamaha YTS-875 EX Tenor Saxophone 2151

Serial number: 2151 In very good condition. Gold lacquered finish. With beautiful engraving on the cup. Includes suitcase. 2 year warranty and free maintenance. The Yamaha Custom YTS-875EX gold lacquered tenor saxophone. A top quality, high level professional instrument. This sax produces enormous power, is very direct and flexible. The instrument has a very good tuning and a perfect application. The sax also closes perfectly. Yamahas have low maintenance costs and a reasonable depreciation. The Yamaha factory provides a one-year manufacturer's warranty. The YTS-875EX is available in a gold lacquered, black lacquered or silver plated version with engraving. Very suitable for those looking for a more colourable, wider and less clear sound. The sound and playing characteristics of this instrument can be adjusted to individual needs using the other available necks. You buy this saxophone for your life. Yamaha about the YTS-875EX: The Custom EX is an answer to Yamaha's quest for the ideal saxophone sound and is the result of decades of painstaking research and trials with some of the world's greatest saxophonists. Designed with the classic saxophonist in mind, the EX saxophone offers a smooth key response, blows comfortably and delivers a deep, refined sound rich in color. The EX also offers great flexibility with a wide dynamic range and stunning projection that fills the room with an authoritative tone.

Price: SOLD

Brand: Yamaha

Category: Tenor

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