From the archive: Yanagisawa A-W01 Demo

The Yanagisawa A-W01 is the improved successor to the A-901. With the characteristic "open and crisp" Yanagisawa sound, this model has a large fan base and, together with the A-W02, is our best-selling Yanagisawa model. you back in every detail. Yanagisawa's are also known for their stability in the sensitive settings, which means that a visit to the workshop outside the normal annual maintenance will rarely or never be necessary. We will soon (as of the beginning of December) have 1 demo instrument for a very competitive price. New condition and damage free. Only the tap cork shows that a mouthpiece has occasionally been placed on it and played on it. Price includes 2 year warranty, 2 service intervals included within the warranty period. The saxophone is adjusted before delivery (very important also with new instruments ). 3 months after purchase, it is wise to have the saxophone adjusted in our workshop because cork and felt are slightly deformed by playing in, which can cause small leaks. This intermediate check is free and you can wait for it.Q-Sax all -in demo- price: (note: the instrument is available from the beginning of December)

Price: SOLD

Brand: Yanagisawa

Category: Alto

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