From the archive: Yanagisawa A4 'Whitehall'

General description : Yanagisawa has been building top-quality saxophones since the 1960s. They started with the A3 alto: in 1966 the A4 model was introduced. The A4 was their first attempt to enter the professional market. Its not a direct copy of the Selmer SBA or MK6, but it shows a mixture of influences from the well-known main brands. They are completely different from the later models, as they have different low B and Bb keys and rods design, a different LH pinky table design with non-floating mechanism, a metal F# key design, a metal thumb hook and (most important!) a different, bigger bore. It has a non-ribbed pillar construction, so all pillars are directly soldered onto the body. The neck opening is 25.5 mm, instead of the standard 24.7 mm. This results in a more centered tone. A very good all-round horn indeed, suitable for the advanced student or as a backup for the professional player.Yanagisawa did not produce A4 saxophones under their own brand name. They were stenciled as Whitehall, Dorado or Astro. Some of them have the A4 model identification near the serial, but not all of them.Condition : This A4 is in good condition. It shows some minor lacquer wear on the keywork touchpoints. It has a couple of minor dents and digs: nothing to worry about.The horn had a full maintenance check in December 2022. Completely disassembled, cleaned, rods aligned, tone holes leveled, new oil, cork renewed where required, pads threatened with pad oil, assembled and keywork adjusted. The pads are all in great condition: 5 pads were renewed.The neck is a new non-original neck and specially modified to fit this horn, as it has a larger bore. This A4 comes with an almost new Durbin form case.Warranty : as-is : no warranty.Level : intermediate.Body : Lacquer : original lacquer.Condition : very good.Visual : A couple of small dings and dents.Repairs : Dent removal .Engraving : no engraving / Whitehall logo on bell only.Keywork : Lacquered.Condition : Very good.Pads : Very good.Neck : Lacquered.Condition : Brand new aftermarket neck, modified to bore 25.5 mm.Features : No extra features.Case : replacement Durbin form case.Case condition : Almost new.History : From auction in USA : imported in 2019. No further history available.

Price: SOLD

Brand: Yanagisawa

Category: Alto

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