From the archive: Yanagisawa B-Wo1 Baritone Saxophone Demo 383188

Serial number: 383188 Still in mint condition! The sax only has light signs of wear. In gold lacquered finish. Includes case. 2 year warranty and free maintenance. The new Yanagisawa WO models. The sax has a new engraving and is made of a new type of brass alloy. This WO-1 features a high F# key, a deep A key, a double pointed C key and a C#/B rocker. The cup and bend are screwed. This B-WO1 is finished with gold lacquer. Yanagisawa on the B-WO1: Yanagisawa 'Professional' are free-spirited and deliver outstanding performance across all genres. The student will more easily develop their own style thanks to both the advanced construction and design of the keys, and the professional can be assured of a superior tone. The new baritone range includes improvements to the strap ring, key guard, bow brace, tone holes, pinky key and neck pipe (refer to product features section)

Price: SOLD

Brand: Yanagisawa

Category: Baritone

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