From the archive: Yanagisawa B-Ww1

After the release of the new series of alto, tenor and soprano saxophones, Yanagisawa is now also launching the WO family of baritone saxophones. The baritone saxophones, widely praised for their high-quality finish, have been completely revised and are now supplied as standard in a new luxury case with back straps and wheels. In addition to the new cases, the update includes a complete overhaul of the ergonomics and minor adjustments to the mechanics, such as the redesigned low A. In addition, Yanagisawa has checked and where possible improved the sound and intonation of the baritones. For example, the bore as well as the placement and size of the tone holes have been revised. Also, the composition of the brass alloy has changed slightly compared to the older models. Of course, our saxophones can be tested in our store without obligation. Our employees are happy to give you expert advice when selecting an instrument.

Price: SOLD

Brand: Yanagisawa

Category: Baritone

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