From the archive: YBS-480 Demo

The Yamaha YBS-480 is the improved version of the well-known, highly acclaimed Yamaha YBS 32E and suitable for novice and advanced (baritone) saxophonist. This YBS 480 has many of the features of the professional YBS 62 and 82 series. Improvements have been made to the bell and the overall ergonomics of the valves for even better playing comfort and very good intonation (tuning). Specifications of this brand new Yamaha YBS 480 baritone sax: Gold lacquer Up to and with low A Adjustable thumb rest for extra comfort and cleaning products Instrument comes in a sturdy Yamaha case Before delivery, the baritone saxophone will be professionally adjusted, you get a 2 year warranty and 2 maintenance sessions within the warranty period are also included. After about 3 months "playing in" I will "adjust" the saxophone so that optimal playing pleasure is guaranteed! We currently have 1 demo model (showroom model) available that can go for an extra competitive price. It has been tested a few times, the saxophone has not left our studio! Our demo price:

Price: SOLD

Brand: Yamaha

Category: Baritone

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