(Used) Selmer Mark VI 278*** Baritone Sax

The majority of the pads are original! but the instrument is still in great playing condition having seen very little use since it was built in 1978. After a few adjustments and a general 'set up' this baritone is in fantastic playing condition and raring to go.Other than a handful of faint scratches, the only sign of cosmetic wear is on the top bow from general handling, amazingly this lacquer wear is incredibly isolated and has given way to one of the most beautiful patinas I've ever seen on a Selmer! (See photos)All the keywork and mechanisms are tight and functioning perfectly, the instrument came to us with virtually no mechanical wear.The physically condition of this baritone is extremely rare for any baritone sax, let alone one that's been around fro 44 years! There are none of the almost unavoidable dings and bumps that you find on most baris and zero signs of de-denting, indicating an EXTREMELY careful owner. The instrument also came to use incredibly clean, so we can only assume the previous owner was as fastidiously clean as they were careful.Further to the instrument's ridiculous condition, the original case is virtually 'as new' which again suggests a small amount of very careful use and almost certainly very little if any traveling.In summary, If this was a car it would be advertised as "Only 10,000 miles, one careful owner" and it would still have the original air freshener from the dealership which sold it in 1978 and bucket loads of tread left on the original tyres. A true rarity.

Price: 8,499.00 GBP

Brand: Selmer

Category: Baritone

Seller Location: United Kingdom

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