Buffet Crampon S1

1975 Beautiful Super Dynaction S1 from Buffet. This instrument has a number of mechanical innovations, well illustrated in the photos, all aimed at durability of the mechanism. It is characteristic that a number of keys operate the valves indirectly, so that as a player you do not exert pressure on the valve. As a result, it stays in position longer, reducing the risk of leaks. This has been applied to the low E flat and C, side F sharp and high F sharp. The low Es/C connection has also been placed in a bowl, making the usual rolls superfluous to switch between these 2 notes. The sound of the S1 is somewhat warmer and deeper than its Super Dynaction predecessors, perhaps partly due to the number of extra mechanisms soldered on the body. This Buffet, like his brothers and sisters, has an unparalleled intonation. Nice and special horn!

Price: 2.950,00 EUR

Brand: Buffet Crampon

Category: Tenor

Seller Location: The Netherlands

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