Conn 10M

1936 This is a pre-war 10M with still the folded edges. Provided it is in original condition, this is a very expensive instrument. This one is not too bad: it was once repainted in a comical way. It has not been polished before painting, that is well done, no material was lost. After repainting, an attempt was made to make it look original by more or less stripping the engraving. In the factory, the instruments were first painted and then engraved. So there is never any lacquer over the engraving. That effect has been approached a little, with the emphasis on a little. Furthermore, the suspension hook of these saxophones is always too high. With many Conn that has been moved and rightly so. This has been done twice. The first time way too low, the 2nd time it's done just right. That said, this is a Lady Face in excellent condition, the mechanics, body and tone hole seams in excellent condition. Not my mother's prettiest, but a really good 10M with the typical pre-war 10M sound: deep, warm and mild. The intonation is fine, very easy to clean. Nice saxophone for a highly adjusted price.

Price: 2.475,00 EUR

Brand: Conn

Category: Tenor

Seller Location: The Netherlands

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