Conn 10M Ladyface

Bare brass version. This is the sought-after type with the rolled tone holes, from December 1946. One of the last ones with the rolled tone holes! It's a terrific horn to play, very free blowing! Lots of power, fast ergonomic keywork and a full sound.Condition : Overhauled by MROsaxophones in August 2018 with Prestini pads.Warranty : 1 year full warranty.Level : professional.Body : Lacquer : bare brass.Condition : very good, with normal wear and tear.Visual : some small dents / dings / scratches.Repairs : minor repairs and dent removal.Engraving : well visible Ladyface engraving.Keywork : bare brass.Condition : very good , with normal wear and tear.Pads : new Prestini pads. Neck : Bare brass.Condition : very good, with normal wear and tear.Features : Rolled tone holes.Case : Protec case.Case condition : very good, with normal wear and tear.History : Imported from the US in March 2018. From professional player in the Chicago area.Remarks : This 10M comes with 2 necks. The Conn neck is from a later period for sure, but fits perfectly. The second neck is a French Vito neck (so NOT a Yamaha copy....). This is a rather heavy and thick-wall neck that works perfectly on this horn, especially with a metal mouthpiece.

Price: 2495 EUR

Brand: Conn

Category: Tenor

Seller Location: The Netherlands

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