Conn 28M Constellation

In original and almost mint condition : very rare.. More info on the 28M model can be found online. This sax is completely different compared to any other sax!... Not that many were made. Have a look on the internet about these horns! Lots of info available.. Not a beginner saxophone: blinking fast. Double socket neck without microtuner. Condition : Original and almost mint condition. Overhauled by previous owner in 2018. Conn Reso pads. No dents, damage or repairs. The original plastic keyguard has one small crack around one of the post screws: thats all. Including original Conn case, with logo.Warranty : As-is condition : no warranty.Level : professionalBody : Lacquer : original lacquer.Condition : mint.Visual : no issues.Repairs : none.Engraving : sharp.Keywork : Lacquered.Condition : mint.Pads : very good Conn Reso-pads.Neck : Lacquered.Condition : very good.Features : Double socket neck / original plastic keyguard / completely different keywork.Case : original.Case condition : very good condition, with Conn logo.History : Imported from the US in 2020. No further history available.Remarks : Museum condition! Price : 2995 euros

Price: 2995 EUR

Brand: Conn

Category: Alto

Seller Location: The Netherlands

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