Conn 6M Ladyface

MRO ID : AS05In remarkably good condition, with original lacquer. This is one of the first ones without the rolled tone holes. Very free blowing! Lots of power and a full sound.Condition : MRO maintenance check in November 2018.Warranty : As-is : no warranty.Level : professional.Body : Lacquer : original lacquer, in good condition with light lacquer wear (95%).Condition : very good , with normal wear and tear.Visual : small dents, dings and scratches due to normal use.Repairs : none.Engraving : well visible Ladyface engraving.Keywork : Lacquered.Condition : very good, with normal wear and tear.Pads : older Reso-pads , in fair condition.Neck : Lacquered.Condition : very good, with normal wear and tear.Features : Straight tone holes / Double socket neck / microtuner.Case : original.Case condition : usable / damage outside / damage inside.History : Imported from the US in September 2018. No further details available.Remarks : No need for an overhaul right now. This horn has had a maintenance check-up in November 2018. Additional overhaul is possible on request.

Price: 1795 EUR

Brand: Conn

Category: Alto

Seller Location: The Netherlands

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