Conn 6M Ladyface

One of the very last 6M models with the rolled tone holes: serial 327xxx already has the straight tone holes. This is the bare brass version, the previous owner had it chemically stripped, without buffing. It has the original amber rollers, rolled tone holes, double socket neck and a fully functional microtuner. All locking screws are present, some were replaced by modern ones. No damage, dents or repairs on this 6M! The famous Ladyface engraving is well visible. Theres a tiny thing or two, just for the record. The neck has a minimal pulldown, no issue at all. The original Conn case has a custom interior modification for better protection.Condition : The sax was completely overhauled by MROsaxophones in Oct 2020. All parts were ultrasonic cleaned and polished. A couple of springs were replaced, as well as some locking screws. Chocolate Roopads with flat metal resonators were used during the overhaul, and its a fantastic horn to play with a terrific set-up.Warranty : 1 year full warranty.Level : professionalBody : Lacquer : bare brass.Condition : excellentVisual : no issues, 2 tiny dings only.Repairs : none.Engraving : well visible Ladyface engraving.Keywork : bare brass.Condition : very good, with minor wear and tear.Pads : new Chocolate Roopads with flat metal resonators.Neck : bare brass.Condition : very good , with minor pull-down. Micro tuner is fully functional. Double socket neck is perfect. No damage, one tiny thing only.Features : Rolled tone holes / Double socket neck / microtuner.Case : original dark brown Conn case, with Conn logo. Custom interior modification.Case condition : very good, with minor wear and tear.History : Imported from the US in 2019. No further details available.Remarks : One of the best 6M horns from the collection.Price : 2295 euro

Price: 2295 EUR

Brand: Conn

Category: Alto

Seller Location: The Netherlands

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