Conn 6M Ladyface

MRO ID: AS107General description : This 6M Ladyface alto is one of the first ones after the WW2 production restart. During the war very few horns were made, mostly for the military bands or special customer requests. These post-war horns no longer have the VIII stamp near the serial number, but they still do have the rolled tone holes. Perfect horn for solo work, jazz and pop music. Ergonomic and fast keywork, in combination with excellent tuning and the typical full Conn sound. Condition : Completely overhauled by MRO saxophones in 2023 with metal resonators. The original lacquer was flaking off, so it was removed and the bare brass was polished with antique wax for a beautiful and unique vintage look.The horn is in very good condition, without dents or damage. The low Eb keyguard was resoldered. The low B/Bb pants guard is missing (I might have a spare one on stock). All original amber rollers are present. The locking screws were all renewed. The neck is in perfect condition, with no pulldown or dents. Microtuner is working perfectly!It comes with an older dark-blue Protec case, in very good condition.Warranty : one year full warranty.Level : Professional.Body : Lacquer : bare brass, polished with antique wax.Condition : very good, no damage or dents.Visual : a couple of minor dings / scratches.Repairs : resolder on low E flat keyguard.Engraving : sharp Ladyface engraving.Keywork : bare brass, polished with antique wax.Condition : very good, only light wear and tear. Pads : new: the horn was overhauled in 2023.Neck : bare brass, polished with antique wax.Condition : Very good, no dents or damage. No pull-down. Microtuner fully functional.Features : Double socket neck / microtuner / rolled tone holes.Case : used dark-blue Protec case.Case condition : good, with only light wear and tear.

Price: 1995 EUR

Brand: Conn

Category: Alto

Seller Location: The Netherlands

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